Wounded Sparrow

Written by: Skyler Dawn

I see you wounded sparrow
Through your hidden tears
You’re strong but gentle heart
Fighting through your fears

You caught my eye strong sparrow
For whom you are within
Your thoughts your dreams your passion
Your past your love and sins

You’ve known many a heart break
And seen the world as it is
You understand others troubles
You’re always a true friend

I shared with you who I was
And you gladly drew me out
I showed you all my thoughts and
Trusted in you without a doubt

You’re heart was scarred and fearful
Because of your troubled past life
But I was gentle and patient
Understanding all your strife

Despite how hard you tried to remain
A stone wall that couldn’t be broken
One day you decided to let me in
It was time for your thoughts to be spoken

You opened up with me 
On how you felt about your life
You shared with me your secrets 
And expressed all of your strife

You spoke to me with your heart pure
And genuinely sincere
You shared with me your goals your dreams 
Your weakness and your fear

You gave your heart to me my friend
Entrusting me to keep it safe away from harm
I fell in love with who you were
And you’re crazy wild charm

You stole my heart away, 
And along with it my love as well
You captured me with your honesty 
And to this day you do still