The Acid Light of Revelation

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

digits stray cold upon the taunt surface
unheated       by the friction of lavender’s rise
diffuse sweetness coats the iris of my eyes
life forms in the negative's longing         to be
lingering limpid as a tearful eye upon the cheek
held    in the clenched fist which falls, axed in anger

stray digits weave coarsely, sweat less, 
like a basket of ash   ccasting wweave sshadows
upon the prayer mat, balsam scents the soul
forest born, scratching the inner lining of mouth,
tickling the hairs within  honeycombed ears, 
heated, rubbed raw, rouged      by clap and slap, alive... 
in the between,  twitching in the sour curdle of death and rebirth

digits stray  rise and fall  on delta waves, pulse throbs
of persimmon trail limbward, trunk bound, crown crested,
human delights all, salted, post dance on the work calloused pads
metal touched in the acid light of a limbic revealation.