Written by: Andrew Crisci

Cassandra was my neighbor
young and smart indeed;
and disappointed in love as beautiful Claire,
she took a dozens of pills to kill her only need.

Leaving for work, I saw Cassandra sit
on the stoop shivering so overwhelmed by fright;
I was surprised to see her in that 
miserable condition and said, " Are you allright? "

I came closer and her face was turning blue,
I frightened and yelled, " Have you taken an overdose? "
No, I didn't imply illicit drugs, but over-the counter ones...
" Yes, " she replied stuttering...confirming the doubt of my clue.

I called an ambulance recognizing her extreme condition,
than I handed her a wool blanked to keep her warm..
hoping that she would live through that terrible storm;
" Cassandra, help is arriving! " I stated with trepidation.

She turned her sickly gaze to me and tried to smile,
then she fell into a coma as the paramedics carried her away;
I prayed as a saint seeking another miracle...
she was the nicest person alive, never feeling lost in disarray. 

The next morning I saw Cassandra's mother in the local supermarket
I asked how her little girl was doing and her reply was, " She doing fine
and told me to thank you for saving her have a golden heart! "
Those words brought me relief, being happy that she had survived suicide.