Yearning To The Silence

Written by: marko gavranovic

The Lust Chamber is the place where deep emotions confront deep carnal desires
and then they dance 'The Dans Terribl'.
So Let's The Dance Begin.

In the room of Cold Shadows our hearts pounding
in each of their world, by making an awkward
empathy to other
through The Wall Of The Yearning Silence.

Would I sell my soul to you, my darling?
Would you give me your flesh in that trade?
Can we be The Devil and The Faust at same time?
Can we expect what we can't have?
We in The Dark Corners.

'Bellevue' of impossible is our tension
Rumors Of The Destruction and Construction
is just a game in that place where
our bodies and souls rise and fall together.

You're telling that your silence is more powerful
than my yearning
Do I have to obey your mimics, then?
Do you want to set it free, The Beast inside me?
Feel me through your domination which I will destruct
and transform to infinite love.

Set me Free, Set me Free, my Goddess,
Set me free and be hot
Set me free from my painful insanity.