the man and his bike

Written by: Seren Roberts

What is he contemplating as he stands near his bike
Is he thinking of jumping, or just taking a hike
If he looks over his shoulder the steps look a bit wary
Not sure where they end , but look very scary.

Life can be scary, that you try to sort out
Just like that man who knows not what he wants
The steps can represent back to living a life
Or saying you have left behind a life of strife

The reflection is showing you as right and wrong
Which will you follow, which will make you strong
To face life in the face, don’t shy away with fear
Look to the future maybe happiness is there.

What you are looking at looks dismal and dire
You need light and warmth, to start your fire
The fire that will take you to the road lying ahead
Where contentment greets you, though nothing is said

Which way you go is in your control
The way to happiness is in your soul
Just find the way in to this happy place
By looking at life straight in the face.

Seren Roberts viewing life through a lens  picture used for contest