Rafting The Paradise

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

Today, I am a fighter 
Stood on a rusty truck, challenged the breezes in pace
Sensations crawled passed over my skin, blared
Like the troops of sky collapsed upon my face

Steep step on the edge of ravine
Rotten plums beneath my feet
Narrow path led downwards to the valley
Split over the beauty between hamlets and heaven

Above the inflatable boat, I am the captain
Greenish view anesthetize
Still I struggle against the tide
You conquer the boredom just in time

I met those black butterflies
Flew within their complexion highlighted wings
Pink and green as it was depicted in a dream
Amazement  is the secret weapon which you offer

You defeat the rage of our races

Again I need to climb upon my knees
Through the rocks which not stand appropriately
In this hum of stream I yearn it already
Summon me again when you ready to party