Pitiful Tuesday

Written by: Skyler Dawn

Broken down, shaken up
Not an inspiration to keep on going

Nothing here to do in this place
Just another rainy day alone

My fare weather friends are all gone
What a pitiful Tuesday

Nothing new going down, 
Nother here to do in town

This redundance is driving me mad
Who wants to hang with a bum like me?

I ain't nothing interesting, 
Just another shadow on the wall

Relationships so complex,
Old best friend's dating my Ex
Why don't we put an end to it all?

Just killing time on the couch, 
Watchin some old school shiz go down

Wish I could go blind, 
Wish this life would rewind
I'm nothing but another weed among a million

Tired of looking like a fool, 
Sick of feeling like a tool
Lacking the energy for self esteem

I'm a loser and life's a whore, 
Waking up is such a chore
Forgot my brain on my pillow again this morning

There's a limited compacity,
For this idiocracy
Left inside this thick skull