Written by: Robert Ball

Beware Brethren; watch the events in the Middle East.
Things are exhilarating, here comes the one and only beast.
Predicted so long ago, our Holy Bible tells “Us” so.
Carnal man is in for a rude awakening, God tells “Us” you know.

Events, wars, earthquakes, strange happenings in the sky.
Most humans are blinded; they let events just go by.
Ahh! They say it will all work out.
They believe in their way, they have no doubt.

So the Brethren, why so much confusion?  So much killing and strife?
Well if you truly listen then this might save your life.
Our Holy Bible tells all, God’s edicts and laws will be obeyed; “His Kingdom Come.”
The Day of the Lord, the Holy Bible tells “Us” that He’ll return to His Earthly Kingdom.

As the sunrises, it will be so; His truly loving truths will stand.
Soon, shortly, our Father will establish His Kingdom, those who search, fearing God, understand.
Revelations is very clear; Daniel foretold also this was to be so.
Brethren, “The Day of the Lord,” will be soon; the Holy Spirit’s wisdom makes it so you’ll know.

Famine, pestilence, earthquakes, monsoons, hurricanes, it goes on and on, escalating to climax.
But those in the know will survive tribulation, the world peace that God planned, peacefully making “Us” relax.
Pray Brethren that He’ll come soon, ridding earth from the evil within, returning “Us” to Spiritual reality.
Restoring love, for our planet, plows instead of weapons, the Father and His Powerful, Divine awesome loving Spirituality.

Again beware, look to the East.
Here he comes, the Southern beast.
Horrific times for carnal man, crying, dying by the droves, a time like never before.
But the Spiritual Light is profound; our Father through correction, like Father to child, will teach “Us” Spiritual love, a Spiritual Family evermore.