A New Dream

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Allow me to mourn the life I will not live
The future I imagined would be mine
The kisses
The mountains I will never climb
Friends I will never meet
I can no longer be your strength
Please just hold my hand
Allow me to lean on you for a while
Let us appreciate these last few moments
It is time to dream a new dream
Not of this world
I know you pray daily for my healing
My pain is your pain
Allow me to go so that I may release us
Please don't cling to me
I can no longer be your strength
Don't be dissapointed 
Don't count it as a lack of faith
It is time for a new dream
My savior stands at the end of my bed
Ready to usher me to a new world
I am not afraid
He has kept his promise
I no longer mourn
It is okay if you do
Be sad for a while
I know you will be comforted
I have not abandoned you
I will live a new dream
I will once again be a source of strength for you

Written for my friend Pete who's fifteen year old
Grandson recently passed away from cancer.