Peanuts Calling

Written by: Sharon Morken

Staring at this screen
My thoughts are a race car in the indie 500
Highly combustible and fast
When I blink, they seem to wipe clean

I try to stare again,
All I hear is this woman  “Waa Waaa Wa Waaa”
She'd be the perfect person for the Peanuts Christmas Chex Mix commercials

I look down at the packet I was handed 
Shows a picture of the new phone out,
Diagram shows where the controls are
And how to troubleshoot issues
Man..What I would give..
To REEEEEACH through the speaker of my headset
FLICK her nose, and FORCE her to read her manual
But I would fail Quality Assurance if I did that
So I'll just sit here, deliver good patient customer service
Pretend that I'm grateful I have a job.