Written by: Paul Beadnall

Fifteen years old,friday starts the weekend Kev and myself finished school,decieving our perants we were sleeping elsewhere, intentions being hitchhiking to London from Middlesbrough (365 miles) A football match our destine, Fulham be it. Maybe 15 minutes we got our first lift,that landed us at Nottingham. Into a service station,when we were fortunate for another that took us fifty miles along the motorway. Approximately 4.30 am,we walked for miles,pitch black not a car in sight, or those that passed,couldn`t see us. Junction after junction,hopes begining to fade daylight taking over black skies. To our delight,a car pulled over,running to it thanking him, the man turned out to be a friends inlaw he had travelled from our home town, dropped us at Kings Cross station. Headed to Peckham,Kev`s Aunty a hearty breakfast she served saying our goodbyes,onward we went. Destination accomplished,Craven Cottage. Winning the game, an added bonus to our travels a bigger bonus,a lift home on our mates coach arriving home maybe 9.30 pm still to this day our parents non the wiser.