Goodbye My Love

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Goodbye My Love I never thought this day would ever arrive Maybe I thought my love for you was enough to keep you alive I desperately look around for a place where my tears could fall So they won’t interfere in your journey to Jesus when he calls I hold your frail hand softly as I watch you in an empty sleep Knowing that the Alzheimer’s has taken away all your precious memories I was hoping that the moment before you closed your eyes It was me that you stopped and recognized Instead, your eyes were at a constant stare of something I couldn’t see Perhaps there was an angel in the room waiting to take you to God’s heavenly family I slowly bend over and kiss you softly on your cheek the way I did each sunrise My tears then have chosen that place, to rest so patiently in my eyes I never thought about our lives would ever be separated from death I was always convinced that our love was enough to keep giving us eternal breath Sadly I know that it’s time for me to say goodbye my love and selflessly let you go To journey with Jesus so he may take away your illness from which you suffered so…
Contest: Goodbye Sponsor: Harry Horseman