There was a Little Girl

Written by: Marigrace Carretero

There was a Little Girl…

There was   a little girl
who  would have wanted
like a falcon
soar the skies
and    the ocean deep, would have braved
or   roamed the wilds
and   the flowery beds
she would have loved  satiate her eyes with…
but  into her world they stepped
and designed a life for her
she never  had wished for …
There was a little girl,
who knew not why she did
what she wanted not to…
why they pressed on her
and dreamt for her
things she herself dreamt not of…
there was a little girl,
a bewildered little girl…
and if by chance
you meet some other  little girls,
 tell them then,
“Take courage , fight oppression
And   allow others not
to shape your life for you”.