failed relationships and financial ruin

Written by: andrew delapruch

failed relationships,
broken pieces of people
left on the pavement in
memory, burning forever,
crushed inside so many
different ways that all the
king’s horses & men wouldn’t
have a ****ing chance &
then too boot,
poverty sets in,
where once someone climbed to the
top &
then was stomped down,
piled upon &
stabbed with debt 
that could never be paid if
a thousand lifetimes were to be
lived &
this is how one picks the scabs,
this is how one sticks their finger down
their throat to vomit up whatever 
is left of them,
this is how we forget we are human &
harness the indiscriminate animal inside,
this is how we find the anger to
thanks to all the 
would’a beens,
could’a beens &
should’a beens.