Destiny or Dream

Written by: Deeana Valencia

Is this an obsession
Or just my imagination?
Is my mind running wild with the thought of you?
Is Destiny just a dream...
Or a dream come true?

I go to bed at night
Thinking of my life to be.
I close my eyes and you are all I see.
Is this future to be
A dream or perhaps my secret reality?
Do I dream with insight?
Will my dreams come to life?

Superstitious I may be,
But who is to say 
You are not my destiny
Every sign points to you.
We have walked the same path
Neither of us had not even a clue.
So many times I've given up on loving you
However my heart stays true.

I feel as though I am a trapped bird
Waiting to be set free,
Waiting for destiny.
You are the wind beneath my wings,
Yet I can not fly.
I am a trapped bird,
Waiting to be one with the sky.