The Tide

Written by: Lisa Delva

The tide is high and I'm holding on
But the waters are to my neck
I can't feel the bottom
And I can't swim but somehow I'm not drowning
I'm holding onto something but I'm not sure what
I know it isn't my hope because
My hope has swam away
Not even looking back once
My self inflicted wounds burn because of the salt 
The current is getting stronger
And the steadily rising rip tide isn't doing me justice
My advisories are just below me
Ready to devour me
I don't want to fall prey
Was this it? 
Am I as good as dead? 
Is this how my life ends?
At the hands of my advisories?
The storm intensified
The waters began to roar
The surrounding mountains began to shake
The earth began to rumble 
My advisories began to chant
The wind whistled and blew away my faith 
I let go
I am no more
"Well done my child, Lisa right?"
I awoke