One and two

Written by: Amber Chafer

Inside your soul
You search. 
Trying to find what has been 

You watch one like
They watch two.

Time comes and goes
Love sticks and flows.

Tears of joy and pain grow.

Life goes crazy.

Emotions fly off the hook,
Reactions spur,
Things become wanted.

One tries 
Two just aren't ready. 

Sadness overwhelms,

Time becomes fallen apart
Drifting slowly
But nobody knows.

One is scared
Two are oblivious.

Walking the path,
Up down
Up down
Up down

One gives up
But two settle in another town.

While one pleads
Two disappear

Leaving one to relook
While there are two off somewhere
Having the time of their lives.

Following and searching
One may do
But in the end
There was never two.