Empty Mess

Written by: Skyler Dawn

I feel alone tonight, empty as the bottles that lie around my bed
I feel cut through the flesh, what a mess...
I'm sinking down, without a fight
Drenched in despair, nothings really there

No drama queen, entrances allowed...

Swallowed in gloom, I lie in this room
Staring up, to the ceiling again
There's a yellow baloon, I know you'll be here soon
To pick up the peices again, Loyal friend
I know that you love me, even when I'm ugly

You're always the arms that hold me high...
You keep me from falling in, hold me when the world starts to spin
A loyal someone who I know I can always rely

Impossible as I abuse you, and God knows that I use you
You always come back for more

You don't approve of the way I live, but you still give and give
And you never ask for anything in return

So what if I'm a loner? And God knows I'm a stoner
You'd think by now I would learn

Your ways about affection, haunt my recollection
I only wish you'd see the sky the way I do

Open ended empty lies, so that baby cries and cries
When you're away I miss your smile

I don't know how you love me at all, after every time I fall and fall
I guess making love to a mess like me is just your style

As often as I think of you, and you don't even have a clue
You'd think when you're around I'd show it more

Appreciation has it's ways, or maybe it's just another phase
Too low a self esteem, to open that door

Dripping with lack of confidence, you could never try to convince
A pathetic thing like me, to change my heart

Silly as it may seem to them, I know deep down you're a gem
Skeptical of trust is just how, I exist

In a world that's hard to trust, filled with greed and empty lust
I wonder why you waste your time on me

All these petty worthless fights, all these foolish wrong and rights
In the end nothings ever really free

Self righteous people think they're right, honest to God they aren't worth the fight
You're better than the rest, don't you see?

Even through these hazy eyes, I can definitely realize
You're the one that's winning, honestly

So scoop me up and be on your way, I know you'll come again someday
Before I finish sinking slowly down... 
You'll come take this good for nothing fool, by the hand and bring me to my feet again

Save me from this vanity, bring me back from insanity

So lay me down and let you get to work, 
You come and numb all of this pain, The foolish things done in vain
Keep me from going all out bezerk

I'm an empty mess