Fare Thee Well Poeteers

Written by: Cindy Cayton

As a human being weighed down by guilt, afraid, alone- traveling down a road more traveled, putting a tough act on- Shimmerings of light in the darkest of times and "almost tears" bound by worldly things and thinking God was going to zap me from the high skies at any time.
What of the love of Our Father?
Thinking of what I know and feel about Him now...
If His love was not the Greatest of LOVEs, He surely would not have given His Only Begotten Son to be born in this world, to teach us, to love us and ultimately our sins pass through Him- crucified, died, risen and LIVING!
I think about the human condition we all have.
I think of our free- will that is God given.
Perpetually, a chain of events of Many has its effects on one another. Our free will, along with others free will causes things to happen and satan has had the same old redundant temptations since the beginning.
Why do we think that God is causing bad things to happen?
God is Love. God is always a just God. God is good.
We have no right to judge each other but we do, much less judge Our Lord God Almighty-
We also have to be able to forgive to receive forgiveness.
Long agos and far aways- Dreams of wanting someone in my life to love me and truly it was thee ultimate, most loving feeling to open myself, allow my soft heart to over pour and the Lord on High to speak to me as my tears streamed in an undeservant manner. 
Knowing His love, this ultimate, infinite love, grace and mercy has me ever longing and yearning to be nearer to my Lord.
If I have said things that offend some of you. I am truly sorry from my heart and I know that I do love you, will continueously pray for those even if they don't like me.
I say to you that I am very child-like in a womans body.
I see where I've been, it's not easy to look back on such a jagged path of the past but through Christ's sacrifice I don't have to.
I don't have to live in the past but carry on putting my best foot forward loving every one of You. Knowing the word of God and all in all without the Love of the Lord, and my faith I would be so insecure and my soul would face certain death.
In loving kindness I ask that you not remember me at times as I was but rather what God is molding me to be so as I may serve Him better.
I leave you with a quote : The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith. Franklin D. Roosevelt
God bless in my abscence,
Lucinda "Cindy"