Written by: Matthew Thurman

I cannot say the words
Early in the morning
From sunshine, to the early birds
To see them soaring
From rushing into the herds
You might find this boring
But once or even a single moon 
Came way to soon and covered canyons
And mountains
Drinking no water in fountains
Flying high and looking so low
Wandering around
With no way to go
If it were just me I would go solo
But you can never tell
The sounds in the garden
That rings the bell
Because these bell peppers taste no sounds
From instruments that play
Until the night is day
And turn around faces
That has cards that look like aces!
Fowl creatures of the night
Dark tears that turn to light
The food that gives you wisdom is empty
When the going gets tuff
It isn’t never enough
If you look at my face
You wouldn’t be able to call my bluff
Because I would always tell you the truth.