Chocolate Oh Glorious Chocolate

Written by: Jack Ellison

I was feeling mighty low one day
Till wifey-poo came to the rescue
“Close your eyes, I've a big surprise!”
I was tempted to take a peek, wouldn't you

But held 'em shut tight and played the game
I could smell this aroma so sweet
Heaven had descended on this poor soul
Smelled like that glorious treat

It's a smell that really can't be disguised
Described as the food of the gods
Chocolate oh glorious sweet chocolate
It takes you where angels fear to trod

Finally she said, “Okay open your eyes!”
And there in all of its splendour
Lay a bowl of sweet chocolate pudding
I just knew I had to surrender

Adorned with a glob of fluffy whipped cream
And a yummy red cherry on top
My heart started pounding so fast and loud
Thought my ears were going to pop

When I had gluttoned myself like a piggy
I slumped back down in my chair
The air was filled with the sound of angels
Spent the rest of the day without care

Chocolate is a bean
A bean is a vegetable
Vegetables are good for you
So chocolate is a health food!
Enjoy my friend, enjoy