Jungle Travel

Written by: Isaiah Zerbst

I'm boating down the Amazon
I sure am having fun
I'll shoot a bunch of wildlife 
Before this trip is done

But maybe not the way you think
I shoot 'em with a lens
From flitting birds and giant crocs
To kitties in their dens

The other day I met a snake
But didn't say hello
Instead I ran the other way
As fast as I could go

Then after that I got a thrill
While snapping giant crocs
With all the fun, I failed to steer
And nearly hit some rocks

That very night I pitched my tent
And slept the night away
Until some monkeys ripped the flap
And tumbled in to play

My camera pal has been around
It's gone throughout the world
We just can't stop, around the bend 
Are wonders yet unfurled

~November 13th, 2012~