What It's Worth

Written by: robert johnson

Reaching out to find a friend.
Written word you meant to send.
The sun came out hung up to low.
The world keeps turning, but you're too slow.
And your heart's forever on the mend.

Well take a breath and have a seat.
Odds like this, you just can't beat.
It's something in your DNA that you recieved at birth.
That's alright,  it's OK, that's just what it's worth.

Answers always seem to come to questions you don't ask.
From someone who can't tell the truth and hides behind a mask.
You look it up in Websters book, to see just what it means.
But the definition's cloudy and not worth a hill of beans.

Well take a pill, try to relax.
Try to be still, accept the facts.
Just keep your feet firm on this earth.
It's alright, it's ok, that's just what it's worth.