we'll call this relationship self mutilation

Written by: Lati james

Were so bi-polar it makes it hard to co-exist
the way it feels when we kiss, your hard to resist
until you get pissed and decide to raise your fist
but i dont flinch, im too used to this shit
ill say "go ahead hit me again,
gimme a reason to swim
in a sea full of vicodin
all i need is an excuse, to cut myself open
to grab some cash, buy,crush,& smoke this dope"and 
youll say "girl stop trippin, u cant even be mad
its your fault for loving something that hurts you so bad"
in the midst of our love theres and abundance of doubt
when you make me cry you tell me not to pout
and when i ask do you even care how i feel you say thats not what this is about
but when your really feeling guilty youll buy an ounce and smoke me out
and when i black out, your the only one who can fill in the gaps
i can quit any drug but your the only thing that makes me relapse
and as i lay in the middle of this floor in heavy sedation
i cant help but to think this relationship is self mutilation...