Reflections and the Mirror

Written by: Mark Russell

I gaze into the mirror and remember what was,
There seems little reason it happens because.
The lines on my face appear to grow bolder,
Meanwhile the past lurks over my shoulder.

Reflections appear from a life that used to be,
Still I’m uncertain of just what I see.
I wonder what this, how did I get to this place?
Beating heart in hands, I develop a little more grace.

What was and what is seems to join into one,
As the walls start to fall I can see the sun.
I look into the mirror to see what I’ve become,
Thoughts go astray as I just come undone.

I go for a walk to escape  from this place,
Still there that mirror and that same face.
Reminders pop up of what I can’t do,
Constantly thinking of all I’ve been through.

As I walk I can hear so many birds sing,
A smile comes slowly with the songs they bring.
I wonder what they are saying do they even know.
They just glide away as a gentle breeze blows.

I look all around and the colors I see,
Flowers awaken the life inside me.
I look at the trees that reach for the sky,
I’d be at the top if only I could fly.

I go to the pond and its reflections again,
I watch the ripples and remember a friend.
They gently wash up upon the shore,
The pieces I have scattered a little bit more.

I’m not always certain of all that I see,
I know what is and wonder what will be.
I see to return and then find myself,
The reflection I see seems like somebody else.