The Day I Almost Died

Written by: Russell Sivey

Life carried on brushing up pain Each day I could hardly remain Darkness seemed to be my only course As I falter and enter ultimate remorse I could not see what's going on before me As life seemed dim I could hardly see There only seemed to be one way out Only one that I have known about Sleeping pills were taken extremely All at once, I was feeling sleepy In a last minute impulse I called emergency They swiftly came as I was quickly Fading fast from this course of reality I was nodding off to sleep completely They kept me barely awake to the hospital Where I was contorted to spill all I was gagged forcefully as darkness came Awakened again to find more pills taken My throat agonized with pain within From the horrible gagging motion Pill after pill flowed out of my mouth As I neared closer to oblivion, further south Finally I was allowed to sleep My dreams now were mine to keep When I awoke people surrounded me Looking very worried, disappointed really I had survived the attempt on my life A fear I will always remember, the strife Now the world is back into my life again The pain is seemingly always pounding within Worry is written all over my family Fear escapes my mother’s eyes completely They do many tests to see if I’m stable Then the diagnosis is depression, certifiable Therapists become a part of my new life All present and accounted for, no new strife Things weren’t anywhere near like they were When everything was dark, fearful for sure I hated life, it was lifeless, demure Then it seemed I had the perfect cure But life chose me, and I survived Now things work simply and I thrived I had the presence to make the best Of what life brings, to take in the rest I hold dear now all things that this life brings A warm feeling comes when fear is fleeting A perfect happiness comes from simplicity Bringing complexity down to earth sincerely Love came swiftly with joy in the heart Never felt more pure, never to be torn apart Now that I had survived the brush of death I now take pleasure in each and every breath This is what happens sometimes when death knocks And life gets switched around, time tick-tocks Now since the terror has come and gone Joy and pleasure have arrived as one The future now looks a lot greater Now that death will be a lot later
Russell Sivey Entrant into Richard Tarr's "suicide survivor" contest 11/12/2012