Can't Find The Damn Thing

Written by: Jack Ellison

Looked down to where my manhood should be
Expecting to see something grand
But for some strange reason I couldn't find it
As I unzipped when reaching the can!

My little charmer was certainly there yesterday
Well, I could have sworn that it was
Must have gone toity three or four times
Saw a glimpse of it amongst the fuzz!

As I strode passed by my full length mirror
Grinning and checking my physique
This thought ran galloping through my brain
No longer is my physique at it's peak!

So getting back to my manhood again
Is this a real common phenomenon?
Knowing the damn thing's down there somewhere
But ain't seen it for so very long!

Think I'll wrap it up in a humongous red bow
When I find my sweet charmer again
But don't you go worrying all my good friends
I'm sure it'll show up in the end!

© Jack Ellison 2012

Reposting this on the recommendation of a certain P-Souper!