Notes on an Election

Written by: Matthew Anish

And the election came about 
Our land chose its leader
Hard work on both sides
     and now the results are in 
An African - American 
    stands once again at the helm
of our ship of state
Let's hope the ship 
    has smooth sailing 
 Although knowing the way the world is 
    I doubt that the trip will be easy 
  America is the furnace 
where the fate of mankind 
    is being forged 
   Despite our faults 
we still offer much hope 
     to mankind 
Now that the "American Dilemma" 
     has faded somewhat 
  Say a prayer for our leaders 
Difficulties can be conquered 
      If we work together we can move ahead
Rejoice in nature's  bounty 
Turn our cities into"gardens for the human spirit"!