Let's go now to a nicer place

Written by: Dino Spahillari

with this unpleasant place
with grumpy people
and depressed
who work in three or four jobs
and can't put enough
food on table...

I'm going to Boca Raton
the so called rich people's "hell"
and learn
how to be happy and smiley
and sexy
and have a nice thing to say
after every commercial break
how to cheat
in income taxes
how to send away business
how to hide away my profits
how to lie the government
how to open a corporate
in Costa Rica and Bangladesh
how to dump all the garbage
in rivers, fields and everywhere
turning this countries
and citizens
in garbage lands
and garbage men

And at the end
i'll spend my life
striking some cans
with rotten eggs
and that's will be my paradise
and that's will be
my so called hell...