Like a small kid my playful nature shows,
Always in the play ground in endless play,
Through the eye of a child I could see,
The world which want play with me.
Everyone wants to hold me in their laps,
Sing me a lullaby to get me to sleep,
A sleep well deserved in the afternoon.
In another reality the world is different,
When it turns against me and hurts me.

Every day I wake up in a fresh day,
With my mum around to bathe me.
My father lifts me up and smiles,
And toss me around as I wiggle.
I laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh,
Until my limbs run dry for laughter.
In my young life I see roses of life,
Blossom before my very eyes,
Yet at time they are turned to thorns.

Every day to me is a day of innocence,
But the same world which makes me laughs,
Makes me cry in pain it inflicts on me.
My innocence has been taken from me
And my body has been abused
I have never done wrong to the world
But am in a jungle full of carnivores,
Carnivores which want to eat me alive

Listen to my voice in the desert crying,
Reaching out to whoever can listen,
It’s a faint voice of a deserted soul,
And the vultures ready to devour on me.
Am young but my eyes has seen a lot,
More than they can tell or say.
Who can dry the tears I shed every day
And take all the pains that is killing me