Before Computers

Written by: Jack Ellison

Do you remember before computers
We actually spoke with each other
We cared whenever our kids got sick
And knew the address of our mother

Today we sit at our laptops all day
Surrounded by dirty old dishes
Wearing clothes from a two weeks ago
Smelling like a kettle of fishes

What is this crazy old world coming to
Lost sight of the things that matter
Like how many kids we had at last count
Or that we're thirty pound fatter!

We sit like a proverbial bump on a log
Our words incoherent and slurred
All kinds of animals are running about
Your pet cat just ate your pet bird

Maybe one day in a decade of two
They'll discover what once was a human
Propped in front of an ancient computer
In his ears petunias will be bloomin'

© Jack Ellison 2012