A Heart For Change

Written by: Rod Landreth


Alas the day is done, the load has been heavy and the burdens are so many. 
I can rest now for a bit, stretch out and gain my composure, not for long though as the morning dew will soon be upon my shoulders.
The weight starts slow as daybreak nears but as the rays of glistening sun snap through the sharp cold air, I will once again feel the pressure mount. One swing at a time as young and old alike, try to master their game, uphill, downhill, it’s always the same.
I long for the rains to come when I can sleep the day away and without disturbances I will lay dormant for a while. Covered with the wet of winter I will patiently wait. 
I know before long spring will come once again and I the 9th green will be played over and over and over, watching that little ball spin.
I hear the chatter saying “I’m tough” but they didn’t know me when I was what golf pros call the rough.
When folks swung through me then the words I heard were a lot more than just chatter, they were words of anger and even threats to never play again. “Oh well it’s just a game” some would say, and up to the green they would go, Oh how I longed backed then to be seen, and just look at me now, I am the 9th green.
“It’s not where you have been”, I have heard some say, but rather where you are headed is what’s important, “nice par, have a great day.”
Written by:
Pastor Rod L. Landreth