Flip Flop

Written by: Owen Yeates

Flip, flop and diddley doo
That what love means to you
Well flip flop and diddley doo 
I show you that it’s true

You’re first boyfriend was a cop
He bought you crisps and a bottle of pop
But when his handcuffs he would not bring
You told him that was the end of your fling

You’re next lover was a nurse
You said being bi curious was a curse
When she wouldn’t bandage you’re arm
You dropped her without any qualm

Then a fireman was on your list
With bated breath you long to be kissed
When his fire you had put down
You left him standing feeling a clown

Now you say you’re in love with me
I want to know just how could that be
How could someone a callous as you
Not end turning our love life blue

You say your heart just did a flip flop
My love you don’t want to drop
When you see me you sing diddley doo
In your eyes I can see that it’s true

So at last I’ve won you loving heart
Seems that you are not just a tart
But with your flip flop and diddley doo
You think life will be better for you