invisible being

Written by: Seren Roberts

Why did I do it
What was the stimulus
Was it the pain of loss
Or another hidden cause

What did suicide offer me,
Was it oblivion
Too tired to face things
Had no other opinion

What was I looking for
The end of a conscious experience
Was the pain of living so great
I had to find release

Did I cry out for help
Was I unheard
Could my soul have soared high
Like a bird.

Someone heard my cry
Brought me back to live
Back to reality
Showed I had something to give.

A hand was held out
For me to grasp
To overcome my emotions
Offered help, just had to ask.

Now I help others
To face their inner turmoil
Show them it’s good to talk
Don’t let worries boil

They eat you away, so easy to do
So I say don’t be like me
Show me the real you
Look in a mirror, like what you see.

I now lecture to people
Who are here to help suffering
To those that fall into the trap
Of ambivalent feelings

To the invisible being that held out that hand
I am trying to pay back as much as I can
To helping others with similar calls
To show that being alive is great after all