Tribute To Viet Nam Vets

Written by: DrJim Martin

Fifty years ago it began.
War in a distant, foreign land.
For a decade or more men gallantly served.
From devotion to duty they never swerved.

From every walk of life they came,
Trying a ruthless enemy to tame.
Leaving home, family, jobs and friend
They served where their beloved country did send.

Contrary to many most volunteered.
They were not by draft commandeered.
They felt a duty to do their part,
Having a servant’s selfless heart.

Many hours through rice paddies they marched.
In summer’s extremes from the sun they parched.
Many in those paddies bravely expired.
Some went on and from service retired.

Returning home they were ridiculed,
Their service viewed as miniscule.
Anarchist’s venom toward them was spewed
Few got the recognition they rightly were due.

Now these many years after the fact
It’s time for all to better react.
Honor and respect they’ve surely earned
This truth will hopefully by all be learned.

No longer for the war should they be blamed,
A place of honor can now be claimed.
Victory in every battle was theirs
Though left wing loons don’t really care.

There’s one thing I don’t quite yet see
As older and older I continue to be.
How is their service less honorable than – say,
Those who served in a former day?

Are they inferior to the vet of this day?
Were they not in an equal fray?
Now in this day a new look is taken.
For too many years we’ve been mistaken.