All That Glitters

Written by: Colin Coates

Atomic number seventy nine,
A precious metal that sure does shine.
Sought by many, claimed by few,
Prospecting was the thing to do.

Found and used in all forms of life,
Sealing the bond with my dear wife.
It is noble and so versatile.
Some is visible when I smile

Symbol Au, from its Latin form,
Aurum, meaning shining dawn.
Used in food, E one seven five.
Olympic aim for which to strive.

A brilliant alloy, carat by measure.
Worn by ladies, gives them pleasure.
Lots of jewellery, plenty of bling,
Some find it attractive, that’s the thing.

Given to Jesus by three wise men,   
A gift to treasure now as then.  
Please remember what you’ve been told,
All that glitters is not Gold.