The Wolf Man

Written by: Earl Hans

Now, he is one with the pack
and they're always on the attack
The scent of prey is in the air
Enemies of the pack, beware!
They hunt under the pale moonlight
The wolf man leads them in the night

Thus the wolf man became notorious
The pack's exploits so glorious
Ravaging every town that doesn't submit
Taking all they can, and lives of those unfit
and no one ever dared to cross their path
and incite their awesome wrath

But then, one night, a mob, in rage
Scoured the woods, wanting the wolf man erased
The pack will fight for him until the end
Their loyalty to him cannot be bent
So they fought, a losing battle, though
One by one they fell, turned cold as snow

The wolf man despaired, but still they fought on
His pack stands united, their faith unflawed
Their numbers dwindled, the mob pushed them deep
"Is this the end?" The wolf man asks while he weeps
The pack tells him to run, run to save himself
Without question he runs, looking back to them as they fell

But he is still hunted, and can't find refuge 
A different place, but in there, someone still pursues
Another mob, with desire to slay
Nothing more to keep them at bay
Mortally wounded, he cowers and runs away
Was the pack's sacrifice made in vain?