Slaking the Grail

Written by: jamesp kail

Roiling,simmering,boiling while quivering.This toiling ,this Maddening Lust;Gifted Hard;this thing in Me.Til dawns light first breaks,feel a Rage,Pure so Freely.Bended knee;drink deeply.Fill the Cup:Satiaite me.With Glistened Lips ,lick them sweetly.A ton of Ash.Burned Hot ,Completely.When looking up ,so sweetly .Naming My Sangreal;Whom I just FELT:My Soul and Self was the Quested Completion;Of a Daemons True Nature.Fulfilled in The Grail,The One Cup That Cups Me.So Comely,I LOVE THEE. James Patrick Kail Saturday October 20 2012.