Written by: Brandy Baker

Deceivingly beautiful, ugly hatred inside
Sweet loving words mask thought of suicide
Genuine honesty battles uncontrollable lies
Temptation of euphoria fuels the fight

Longing for a cure to numb the pain
Grows like a monster unwilling to tame
Giving into feelins, taking on blame
Supposed to be stronger, never felt so drained

Naked and bare to humility and regret
Growing weaker to fear of pain and death
Demands to stay and deal have been set
To choose between life's needs or forbidden wants being met

Searching for what's become unattainable bliss
Finding nothing but answers that don't seem to fit
Strengthens thoughts of not being missed
And widens the black hole of not want to exist

Loneliness makes time unbearable and empty
Arising conflict on regaining internal peace
Blur the clarity of what is meant to be seen
Or continue to hope for what never will be.