On Having Served

Written by: DrJim Martin

The memories of a veteran are as varied as can be,
Some involve sorrow, others genuine glee.
To have learned new things and seen new places
While trying to put names to remembered faces.

To have given your all and passed the test
Brings joy in knowing that you have done your best.
At other times, however, to have tried and failed
Yet, in the end to have still prevailed.

On some missions wondering how you had made it through,
Accomplishing what few had the courage to do.
Sometimes, regardless of how hard you would try,
You would find yourself unable to do anything but cry.

Upon learning that a buddy had given his life
In the heat of battle, amidst unbelievable strife.
Some of these things that a warrior must endure
Puts metal in his backbone, that is for sure.

To ask one if he would ever do it again,
Many would affirm without any spin.
To have succeeded in defeating a menacing foe
Makes one eager to again go.

A few made the choice to from duty flee
Thinking that in another country they could be free.
The freedom they enjoyed in their cowardly state,
Is to most of us, however, a miserable fate.

The service of no two was exactly the same,
Most never experienced prestige or fame.
They went and stayed till the job was done,
Then returned home for their day in the sun