Written by: Andrew Crisci

Up to October's end
life was peaceful and delightful;
I enjoyed the strolls and chats,
going to baseball games,
seeing crowds cheer at CitiField
and I zealously wrote 
about many human experiences.
Disaster as predicted,
was in store for two thousand twelve:
Italy was shaken by earthquakes,
drought and floods in the USA,
then Sandy came with fury
wreaking havoc and destroying
everything in its path. 
Thankful and blessed
for not having lost anything,
greatly rejoiced for being alive,
but moved by the tears of others
whose homes were slammed
by  the storm on the eastern coast...
who doesn't sympathize with their loss?
Obama has been re-elected,
will he bring those changes
he promised in the first term?
Iran has fired at an American Warfare
and vows to exterminate Israel;
Syria is in turmoil and Greece
is facing unemployment and unrest.
An unimaginable fear awaits us all:
is it another World War, or Armageddon?