My Swan Song

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Has the Golden Girl sung her final song?
As the mute swan was said to have all along
The mute swan never sings or sounds even as a tucket*
Except apparently when it finally kicks the bucket

Am I Cassandra, who has sung her final lament
Is this what some are waiting for so they needn't comment
Socrates said that Swans sing in there young life
But never as beautiful as in their dying strife…

In actual fact mute swans aren’t t mute, they hiss
I think all this time someone’s taken the *iss
Pliny the elder, shows the dying swan singing is a myth
So we ought to take notice of this now and  forthwith

So for my Swan song, my last melodious attempt
To sing and delight please don’t treat with contempt.
My Swan song is here just before I lie down and die
But just like the mute Swan singing,  this is also a lie.

© 9/11/2012 ~GG~

*tucket  a bugle call