The Slender Man

Written by: Laura Breidenthal

far in the forests
deep down in the undergrowth
easier to find 
in hindsight of open minds 
there appears the slender man

he has not a face
and is often found walking
stalking silently
he makes himself known through fear
though hidden within the trees

strangely tall he is
his arms abnormally long
some say hes demon
and others think he is guardian
he is mystery—master

there has been much talk
that slender man does stalk
preying on small children
appearing in their photos
who is to say they are wrong?

i have seen him once
and many times in nightmares
i am hearing more
—just remember little ones
the slender man works through fear

his tendrils outstretched
the fright face in a white blur
i swear i saw him
far from the forests of green
locking my mind in a fright

honestly im scared
that i will find him again
heard he kills grown men
not just the little children
not just the little children

i hope they are wrong
no one really knows for sure
all i really know
is what i am told of him
is what i have seen of him

my fear is greater
as i grow ever older
i need the light on
it seems i am a child at heart 
as he watches in the dark