I think your the one

Written by: Jennifer Brown

I think you’re the one, every time I see you. I never knew how much I could love somebody. But now I do know and it feels good to tell you how I really feel about you, you make my heart sing when you hug me tightly. You make my heart melt when you whisper in my ear. I love it when you whisper in my ear and say everything will be okay when I’m crying in your arms. I love how you don’t care what anybody else says about us being together. I love you forever and always. I think you’re the one I want to marry I say this not as a joke I say because I feel like you really care and love me for me and you don’t care how crazy, dorky, weird I am... I love how you love me for me and don’t say anything about my stupid things I pick to do, I love you baby.  <3 :) <3