retracing a happening

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Retracing a happening 

Afternoon at the big hospital, far from home
 I sat on my bed wearing a new pajama; 
tomorrow, the surgery. From my window I could 
see the zoo and cable cars going overhead so 
punters could admire animals from above; but 
think if a car fell into the tiger enclosure.
I had a packet of fags in the bedside drawer,
thought of sneaking into the loo, but someone
had removed the packet and lighter too.
I was in a strange mood, like I had hypnotized 
myself and not me who sat on the bed like a lamb
that knows nothing of the morrow.    
A brisk nurse came gave me a pill and a glass of
water, when I awoke my throat was sore, but 
they wouldn´t give me water and I hated those 
who had done this to me.  
Three days later, a day in May, they let me go.
Dressed in shorts, open necked shirt I took a taxi to 
the bus terminal. Driver helped me out of the car, 
and I made slow progress up some steps to the ticket 
office. A woman came helped me to find the right bus 
and she carried my bag. Must have fallen asleep when 
I woke up the bus had arrived to my home town and
took a taxi to the local hospital where the trek began; 
my car was there but I could not drive it, chest too sore 
and I worried about the stitches. A neighbour looked 
after my dog feed and let her into the house at night.  
The dog knew I was near so I took another taxi home. 
glad to see me, she knew I was ill and didn´t jump up 
and she slept in the doorway of the bedroom making 
sure that no harm came to me.