winter snow

Written by: Seren Roberts

I lift my face to the sky
Wanting to feel the whisper of the snow flakes
Lightly fluttering down to say “Hi
Winter is on its way, keep warm for your sakes”.

The softness of the first fall of flakes
Gentle and caressing, before they turn to ice
The larger flakes follow, saying this is the time
Be prepared for more than a light trace.

Time to get the warm blankets out
To have the log fire burning bright
Cos if the snow comes
We will be warm tonight

Remember to keep candles, matches and 
A torch to hand now that winters on its way
Plenty of food to keep you warm
Obey the rules, all will be ok

Then comes the blackout, the blanket of snow
Covering you quickly so cold and white
You keep your face looking down
Cos these flakes  sting,  pain their delight

They love the way they hinder our lives
Making painful paths that we must walk
But children see delight in this snow
Can tell by the excitement when they talk

So feel it, touch it, enjoy it
Whether light snow or the icy kind
Cos this is the time to find each other
Take this time to unwind.