A lovers Dream

Written by: Rollo West

A whisper in the foggy night drifted into my dream A suggestion of something sensual, erotic in extremes A promise of eternity, of amour, and true romance All it takes is for us to dance, the lovers dance I woke and felt the chill in the breeze, but cool me it did not For in my minds eye were images, my excitation escalating Two souls were dancing as one, but neither spoke All it takes is for us to stroll the lovers stroll My minds eye looked even further, to see what I could learn For once I eyed the lovers, I felt the longing in my heart I had an eagerness to see the future, the things yet to experience All we have to do for us, is to envision what the lovers see I closed my eyes to cast out my wish, and prayed with all my might That what I was envisioning, was you and I, on that special night For if I never see you my love, I am sure I could not cope All it takes is for us to hope, as lovers would hope My eyes were quickly opened, by the passionate touch of your hand Your face, like that of an angel, reminds me of the promised land And now we are one, my dream, it did not miss Always and forever my darling, we kiss the lovers kiss