Blast to the Past

Written by: Rollo West

I grew up in the rockin 60’s Everything back then was new Rock ‘n’ roll and Chevy’s There wasn’t anything we couldn’t do Hot rod Fords and street drag races The girls wearing cashmere sweaters The thrill of youth that showed on faces That easily laughed at serious matters Saturday night sock hop dances Slow dancing with your steady girl Sneaking a glance at other girls Thinking maybe next, I will give her whirl Oh, we had our gangs, punks and hoods But everything was settled just by fists Honor was always avenged, as well it should But black eyes topped the list, not death Mellow days and careless nights Drive-in movies, who watched the show? The heavy petting, and then the fights “You’re my steady, but that far I won’t go” The slow drive back to take her home The sweet goodnight kiss outside her door The promise that I would never roam The secret wish she would give me more Life was tough, and hard to take back then Or so we thought, but soon would learn Boys grow up, becoming men Go places where men die, and bodies burn It all happened so suddenly A heartbeat, a blink of the eye It all happened so viciously One day to live, next day to die High school grads, college illusions Hot rod Fords, and street drag races And then began the Western Union “We Regret….” were all the traces Left of lives that once lived for life Those that did come home to peace Now live with lives full of strife And only wish the pain would cease