Goodbye my Love

Written by: laura street

I love you I love you I do
 Words for many a war has been fought
 I love you I love tiz true
 Words for many a pointless item bought
Words cannot tell you how I feel
 Spinning round round like a wheel
 Thoughts cramming into my head
 From my mind they cannot be shed
I love you I love you I do
 These words just three little ones
 I love you though it maketh me blue
 And the spool continuously runs
My heart is being crushed from deep within
 Thoughts abounding causing such a din
 The pressure-each breath a painful gasp
 Yours was the heart I never could grasp
I love you I love you I do
 A feeling from which I can't refrain
 I love you, I hear not from you
 Silence which causes so much pain
For this love just friends cannot be
 You must go for love must be free
 So it must be that you and me end
 Tears fall, as to you, this letter I send