I'm calling all Backsliders

Written by: Lillie Williams

 I’m calling all Backsliders 
When you came to me
 The Angels did shout 
I put a block on the enemy,
 And to hurt you I wouldn't allow 
I took you under my arms to
 Shield and protect you from harm 
And all the comfort you needed,
 You could find it in my arms 
I wiped away your tears all
 The nights you sat and cried 
I gently took my finger and
 Dried your weeping eyes. 

I listen to all your problems and
 Had compassion in my heart 
And now you turn your back
 To me, pulling me apart. 
I’m calling all backsliders
 To come back home 
I don’t care what you did;
 I forgive you for your wrong 

I’m calling all backsliders 
To come back and live 
All my riches and
 Love I have to give 
I watched over you, 
And refuse to let you go 
My spirit followed you,
 And this you failed to know. 
I’ll be your shelter and
 Never leave you alone, 
I’m calling all backsliders to
 Turn around and come back home.